About Flowers for Francis page

Why this site?

I always wanted to make a homepage and not the kind of "hello i'm Ruud and this is me".

So what would be the subject of my page, beside my own musicalexperiences.

The idea came while i was taping my cassettetapes into wave-files for recording it on CompactDisc .

So it would be save for years and just as i was recording some FFF-stuff , i wanted to do more with it.

So that is how this part of the site was born..


What is FFF?

Flowers For  Francis was a band from around Rotterdam, played in different line-up.
Each line-up got it's own (fresh) sound at that moment.

The center of the band was Henk V (voice) and his brother Johan V (drums and later guitar).

First line-up wich lasted a while was with Roland (guitars) and Oele (bass).

The sound was named Gothic, influenced by bands like Joy division, Mission, Fields of the Nephilim and so on....

The band played at gothic festivals, in the Vlerk (Rotterdam), Taverna, the Eland (Delft) and a lot more venues...

The different views of the members caused a split up, also because Johan had problems with his back so no drums then.

Later Johan plays guitar and he and Henk were forming a new part of the FFF-story with Berry (drums), Erwin (bass) and Sylvia H (synth).

But after a few good gigs and a good Demo-tape also this part ends .

The bass was replaced by a sequencer and also Kaja (guitars) and a drumcomputer were added to the band. Followed some later by Bill on bass.

After a while Sylvia H and Kaja left the band and Bill, Henk V and Johan V and the drumcomputer stayed around for a short while.

Later  the V-brothers became a duo, completed with drumcomputer, sequencer and guitar for the live-effect. Sylvia H joined them once in a while.

This was a difficult time, because the sound was catchy by using 'dancybeats', freaky basslines, but also completed with dark and heavy synthesizer-sounds, so most stages didn't know what to do with it.

A demo was recorded at Johan's bedroom and sounds still fresh, while it was recorded in 1994.
The infuence of Swans, Joy Divion, New Order made the sound .

At that time Johan formed Cradle, and Sylvia H assisted him later to record some new material. 
A experimental project, but also the definitive end of FFF.